Launch on Every Template Series (91 Websites)

Launch on Every Template Series (91 Websites)


We’re so glad you’re interested in participating in our launch on every template series! We’ll be building 91 websites (one of each template on Squarespace).

This is a MASSIVE undertaking for our YouTube channel, and we love being able to help fellow entrepreneurs while we do it. (It also saves us from having to make 100 fake websites for ourselves… so please, sign up!)

The series will start with us customizing each template with images, text, and fonts/colors for the user.

If you choose to participate and have a free website designed, here’s how this is going to go down:


You can pick any of the beautifully designed templates on that haven’t been already selected (anything in the drop down list above is still available) and we will use that design as the base of your website. Keep in mind that the page layouts will stay the same (where the images are, where the logo is, where the menu items are, where the text is, etc) and we won’t be adding new pages yet, but the page names, fonts, colors, images, and text can all be customized. BROWSE HERE →


You can use our worksheet to fill out the copy and images we will paste into your site, or you can compile it however you want and send it to us. Or if you don’t want to prep the content ahead of time, you can hop on a Zoom call with us (your voice will be recorded and published as part of the video) and customize it with us. You can also send us your brand colors, logo, fonts, whatever will help us set the color and font styles to what you want.


We’ll film the video as soon as we can (once we receive your content or as soon as we can schedule a call with you to design together) and then hand over your website to you for launch, and upload the video on our YouTube channel. We will likely film within a week of receiving your content.


If you want us to add pages or make additional customizations - you can get in touch and we will add it to the list of future videos, but no promises yet on turnaround, we want to get a fair amount of these sites done first.

If you’re ready to have your free site designed, just select a template and sign up. You might have to be a little flexible with your template choice, as we are only building each one ONCE.

Just sign up using the button and go through the checkout process (you’ll need to enter your address but no payment info).