Square Basics 203 - Advanced Squarespace Commerce

Square Basics 203 - Advanced Squarespace Commerce


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Learn how to customize and launch a complete website from a Squarespace template.

This is a self-paced, video course. You’ll have access to our team to ask questions and get support, as well as 20% off your first year with Squarespace.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Working with Variants of Products & Services

  2. Advanced Commerce Styling (Common Customizations)

  3. Advanced Commerce Settings & SEO

  4. Advanced Social Media Sharing for Commerce (Rich Pins, Facebook Shopping, and Instagram Products)

  5. Working with Commerce Plugins (Recurring Payments, Swatches, etc)

  6. Advanced Commerce Analytics

  7. Advanced Shipping Integrations

  8. Inventory Management on Squarespace