Square Basics 201 - Custom Squarespace Design

Square Basics 201 - Custom Squarespace Design


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Learn how to design and launch a custom Squarespace website.

This is a self-paced, video course. You’ll have access to our team to ask questions and get support, as well as 20% off your first year with Squarespace.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Choosing Your Plan

  2. Creating Wireframes & Mockups

  3. Choosing Your Base Template

  4. Creating Your Account & Starting Your Website

  5. Creating A Landing Page

  6. Understanding the Navigation of Your Squarespace Account

  7. Building The Pages/Sections of Your Site

  8. Styling Your Website with Style Editor

  9. Adding Custom CSS

  10. Responsiveness Check - Mobile Styles for Your Website

  11. Website Settings

  12. SEO Setup (Search Engine Optimization)

  13. Link Check & Redirects

  14. Connecting Social Media Accounts

  15. Launching Your Website on A Custom Domain