Square Basics 101 - Introduction to Squarespace

Square Basics 101 - Introduction to Squarespace


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This self-paced, video course will walk you through all the steps of styling and launching one of Squarespace’s beautiful template websites. If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t worry! We don’t want you to be overwhelmed - so we’re going to start with the absolute basics. You’ll also have access to our team to ask questions and get support, as well as 20% off your first year with Squarespace.



Keep in mind that this course covers only the basics of customizing one of Squarespace’s built-in templates. If you’re looking to design a custom site, or create pages from scratch, we recommend Square Basics 201 which teaches all about custom Squarespace design.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Choosing Your Plan

  2. Choosing Your Template

  3. Creating Your Account

  4. Creating A Landing Page

  5. Understanding the Navigation of Your Squarespace Account

  6. How To Narrow Down the Necessary Pages/Sections of Your Site

  7. How To Edit Page Content (Images, Text, etc)

  8. Style Editor - How Styling Works

  9. Responsiveness Check - Mobile Styles for Your Website

  10. Website Settings

  11. SEO Setup (Search Engine Optimization)

  12. Link Check & Redirects

  13. Connecting Social Media Accounts

  14. Launching Your Website on A Custom Domain

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