Square BasicsSquare Basics


The Squarespace 100 Course Series

Squarespace was designed to be an easy to use website and blog platformBut most people find that there is a big learning curve required to make a truly epic Squarespace site. So we've designed a series of Squarespace courses just for brand new Squarespace users.

Squarey Tales - Squarespace Template Options


Introduction to Squarespace

Our first course will walk you through all the steps of styling and launching one of Squarespace’s beautiful template websites. If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t worry! We don’t want you to be overwhelmed - so we’re going to start with the absolute basics. You’ll also have access to our team to ask questions and get support, as well as 20% off your first year with Squarespace.

Squarey Tales - Squarespace Blog Draft

SQUARE BASICS 102Blogging on Squarespace

Next, learn all the steps of adding a blog to your Squarespace website and getting the most out of Squarespace’s built in blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features!

Squarey Tales - Squarespace Commerce Example

SQUARE BASICS 103Squarespace Commerce

Our third Square Basics course teaches you how to sell products and services on your Squarespace website. Squarespace commerce is a feature that you can access on the business plan or higher, and it you can set up your first product in less than an hour.

Squarey Tales - Squarespace Style Editor


Customizing Squarespace Templates

Learn the basics of customizing Squarespace templates without code including adding all of the different page types and content blocks. We'll show you how to create custom page layouts and divulge our best style editor tricks.


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