Working With Contributors on a Squarespace Website

One of the easiest parts of working with Squarespace is having your team work with you on your website. Whether you're a designer sharing site permissions with a client, or a blogger sharing permissions with your editor or moderators, getting started with Squarespace contributors is a super simple process.

If you are subscribed to the Squarespace Personal Plan, you are limited to 2 total contributors on your site (including yourself, the site owner). All other plans allow unlimited contributors. If you do have a Personal Plan website and want to invite multiple contributors, we recommend creating a second "Master Contributor" account with a shared password and email that you are comfortable allowing all your contributors to use to login.

Step 1: Understanding Permissions

First, you will want to understand the different permission levels allowed in Squarespace, and what users assigned to them will be able to access on your site. You can find  a chart explaining the different levels here, or watch this video explaining the levels:

Step 2: Inviting Contributors

Under Settings > Permissions you can select "Invite Contributor" to add someone new to your site. You just enter their name and email and select the level of permission you want them to have to your site. You can choose to allow them to access multiple permission levels as well. Then, you hit "Send" to have Squarespace automatically send them an invitation email to contribute to your website.

Here is a quick video showing the process of inviting a new contributor to your Squarespace site:

Step 3: Accepting Invitations

The user you've invited to become a contributor on your Squarespace website can easily accept the emailed invitation with the click of a button by logging into an existing Squarespace account or creating a new one.

Here is a quick video showing the process of accepting a Squarespace contributor invitation:

If you have any questions about working with contributors on a Squarespace site, you can comment below or get in touch. If you're looking for information about basic authors, check out this post.


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