Adding and Changing Banner Images And Videos In Squarespace

Banner images offer the ability to add beautiful full width images on your Squarespace website as well as image and video backgrounds behind other blocks of content. They are easily one of our favorite features Squarespace offers, and index pages, which can consist of stacked pages with banner images, are very useful in creating long, mobile-friendly sites.

Switching banner images is extremely easy, and so is adding video banners. To change them out on a template with existing banner images, or too add them behind index sections, you can simply select Banner and drag and drop images into the box to upload or hit Video to add a URL of a video. When you use a video keep in mind that you can only use a video already uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube (you simply copy the URL and paste) and that automatically playing videos do not show on mobile devices, so you will need to upload a fallback image (below the video in the settings) that will show on mobile views.

Here is a quick video showing the process of changing banner images or videos:

If you have any questions about working with banner images on a Squarespace site, you can comment below or get in touch.