Add A Title Before Categories List on Product Page | Rally (Brine Family) Template

The option to sort products by categories is a wonderful built in feature of Squarespace, and being able to add a title above (to illustrate better to people that they can sort them) makes it function perfectly. Here's how you can quickly add content above the category list using CSS.

.ProductList-filter-list::before { 

Optional: Apply to Only One Blog with a Collection # (Instead of All Blogs) You can find your collection numbers easily with this Chrome Plugin.

In this version we also increased the font weight of the title, distinguishing it from the list items like in the example below.

.collection-5a61975c9140b7807f5edbce .ProductList-filter-list::before { 
content: "FILTER BY COLLECTION: "; font-weight: 700;}

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.16.48 PM.png