About Square Basics

Jo is the lead designer of Branding Babes and the Squarespace expert behind Square Basics.

Welcome, I’m Jo!

I'm the founder of nonprofit b Supported, currently traveling the United States with my partner, Brent, and our cat, Nine. In the past five years my team and I have designed 120+ custom Squarespace sites and helped launch dozens more.

I'm an animal lover and coffee addict, as are the rest of the SB team. We spend our days as digital nomads dreaming up new ways to use Squarespace and encouraging other entrepreneurs.



My team and I like to think of code like little bits of magic you can drop into your Squarespace site to give it more personality and wow visitors. And just like a magic trick, anyone can learn how to do it if they take a little time to practice.


Our Goal

We love Squarespace for its clean user interface and make it a goal to not just design unique sites, but to also make them easy for our clients to use and update.

We want people to fall in love with the platform so that managing their website can be an easy and fun part of their business and they can fully utilize its capability to achieve their sales and traffic goals.

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Our Idea

So we created this resource as a way to help new users get to know the platform and designers learn even better ways to serve their clients with customized but easy to change designs.

We want Square Basics to be your one stop shop for all things Squarespace, and we want you to feel like a part of our family. So dig into our knowledge base, watch our videos, and ask us anything you want to because we love to share with our design fam.


Our Hope

Regardless of your skill level and familiarity with Squarespace, you find something interesting and valuable here that will help your website (and your business) succeed.

Plus, maybe have a little fun...

Our Promise

Resource first, business second.

We want Square Basics to first and foremost be a source of knowledge for Squarespace users everywhere. No ads, sponsorship, or aggressive marketing. Just straightforward info.


Our Values


So what's it going to be?