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Our easy-to-follow tutorials, courses, and workshops will help you build, optimize, and add some custom magic into your Squarespace website.

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Work with us to create a gorgeous, profitable website with Squarespace's easy to use interface.


Watch YouTube Tutorials

Learn how to uplevel your Squarespace skills with our weekly YouTube tutorials. We upload new tips and tricks every Wednesday and Friday and live stream every Monday.

Become A CSS Wizard

Download our CSS cheat sheet that will help you write CSS without having to look up every line. You can keep it open while you work! And if you don't know how to write CSS yet, try this course first.

Find Inspiration

Find the CSS code snippets and tutorials you need to give your website that extra WOW factor. We share tips for every level of user from basic editing tutorials to advanced scripts and CSS customization.

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Squarespace Courses

Our self-paced, pay what you want Squarespace courses are perfect for any level of experience from building your very first Squarespace website (100 Series) to advanced customizations ( 200 Series) and running a successful Squarespace design business (300 Series). All of our courses provide you with a 20% discount for your first year on Squarespace.

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